Saturday, 7 November 2009

The poor thing only had one foot. I guess even the most perfect things are imperfect as well.

Waiting by the river in Norwich for my train home I made friends over a packet of biscuits with a perfect white pidgeon.

A last photo of where we stayed. Part of an ugly cold war radar base that was abandoned soon after it was built and taken over as a craft village by the local people.

The last morning the sun was out leaving a lasting perfect view from the garden and the derelict crofters cottage.

Rocky cliffs and a little cave. The action of the sea and wind left the rocks covered in tiny spikes, like the shell of some sea creature.

Beach tendrils.

The dusk half light seem to refect perfectly from the little rills and streams running through the beach into the sea.

Beach gems! The whole beach was like this. I could have spent hours here mesmerised by them.

A remote unspoilt beach ovrelooking the kyle of Durness and Ben playing beach cricket with rocks and driftwood.

Cape Wrath is the most north westernn point on mainland britain and is a viking word for turn left.

Dusk over the kyle of durness with cape wrath in the distance.

The headland and kyle of Durness with cape wrath bombardment range across the water.

The path along the cliffs was so close to the edge, it was terrifying!

A little cairn overgrown with grass.

Balnakeil house in the sunshine.

A derelict barn near our house.

Gullies and rills. Tiny streams have worn deep strange grooves in the hillsides over time.

Hillsides and powerlines.

A look back down the road we had just driven up and the amazing landscape.

where geologists first began to understand continental drift and plate tectonics.

The mountains surrounding Knockan crag.

With all the surface water and local geology, there are so many perfect little waterfalls like this.

A nearby waterfall.

The castle is said to be haunted by two ghosts.

and Calder house nearby.

The ruins of Ardvreck castle.

There were dozens of them, far too heavy to bring home :(